Santiago Devil

We would like to thank: Taming the Shrew, Steve Darling, John Kaas, M.E.C., Justin Pardy, the St.Onges, and Sam Holm.


Santiago Devil is:
Dan Coulombe/Drums and Vocals on tracks 6 & 7
Lee Morin/Bass and Guitar on tracks 1, 2, 4 & 9
Sam Grant/Guitar
Jason St.Onge/Vocals

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by the above mentioned.

Guitar solo on track 9 by John Kaas.
Piano on track 11 by Steve Darling.

Surrender on Demand

Recorded at New Alliance in Boston over a 4 day session, October 12-16, 2000.


Devon Irish: Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Gill: Drums, Vocals
Dustin Brown: Bass

All songs written and performed by Roma
“American Standard” performed by Roma & Chilly Kurtz
“Thinking of You” performed by Roma and Kate & Meaghan McLaughlin
“What Can I Say” written and performed by Devon Irish

Recorded by Nick Zampiello & Marc Schleicher
Mixed by Roma and Nick Zampiello & Marc Schleicher
at New Alliance, Boston, MA 10/12-16/2000
Mastered by Richard Akbar at MasterMind Audio

Song Administration by Twisted Rico Publishing/BMI

Artwork and Design by Aaron Gill and Devon Irish

Twisted Rico's Coolest Cats

Twisted Rico's Coolest Cats CD CoverToasting to interesting collaborations, the kind only compilations can make, steadfast Boston music lover/manager “Twisted Rico” claims another successful compilation, Coolest Cats. Coolest Cats marks the third compilation produced since Steev Riccardo left A&M Records and started labeling his “own” as independent in 1997. Following up Twisted Rico Class of 98 and Class of 2000, Coolest Cats brings together some of the most noteworthy local and non-local talent a small label can be so lucky to claim. In the spirit of the independent, as Riccardo states, “As far as song selection goes, it’s all about whether I like a band and or song. There is no hidden agenda.” “What makes Coolest Cats special is the fact that these are bands from all over the world,” affirms Riccardo. Internet surfing via the luxury of MP3 technology together with past collaborations allowed Riccardo to hear bands from all around the world, giving him a chance to break from previous compilations that featured only Boston locals. Aviso Hara’s crisp, familiar pop comes clean from New Brunswick New Jersey via their instantly accessible “Bradley Wake Up”. Quintaine Americana, strongly hailed in Boston for years, takes it down a notch into their signaturely-darkened sequences; something of a confession with the speed turned down slow and thick. Accoustic bitten down from her previous punkified blues incarnation in Caged Heat, Chilly Kurtz offers a quiet and near-lullabye apology in “Cold.” On “Ice Through my Fingers,” Elaine Summers preens her stellar voice into comfortable female vocalist-pop without the melodrama of standard vocalist sensibilities. Three teenage girls from Canada, ala, G.I. Jill are so angrily split between cooing accusations and out right gutteral rage, the drum and guitar punctuated taunting of “Cry” conjures images of utmost unrest – monster music if there ever were such thing. Other artists include; Ad Frank, The Modifiers, The Decals, Hod Rod Lunatics, Catfight, Shut Up Marie, Roma, Jerk Alert, The Bobfields Kristian Montgomery, John Surette & the Deniros, Jimmy D’Angelo, Elemae, Wound Girls, Ashera, Sexy Dex and The Kitty Kill. Hailing in the beauty of a compilation’s true nature, Coolest Cats reels in talent from every direction, allowing for a taste-test in various styles. Regardless of your preferences, male, female, rock, pop, punk, blues you’ll be certain to find the right punch and tickle for proper wad blowing with follow up caresses. It is the complete companion to any music library. by Annie Weeks